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Hinata Shouyou

A bit about me:

Taylor| 15 | ♀ | Jan. 17 |

Hello and welcome to my page! I am so glad you stopped on by! Let me tell you a bit of who I am! For starters, I am a fifteen year old girl who lives somewhere on the west coast. I have a knack for writing 'Attack on Titan x Reader's, but I do have some 'One Piece x Reader's up as well! I know I only have a few stories up at the moment but I'm just starting out on it. I will have more up soon~! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Stamp - Banana Man by YukiMizuno


| Attack on Titan | OHSC | Toradora! | Uta no prince sama | One Piece | Hetalia | Adventure Time | Regular show | Avatar: The Last Airbender | The Devil Is a Part-Timer! | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun | Free! Iwatobi Swim Club | Haikyuu! |

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Amazing works for me;

Kozume Kenma

Invidia (Vampire!Erwin x Reader) [Victorian!AU]
    The freezing rain pours down in droplets, pattering down onto the glass windows, the brick rooftops dancing with spray, and the cold seeping in through the cracks in the stone floor of the manor. The black clouds spat out their beads of water, the puddles on the streets plinking as the rainfall became heavier. Up until now, the once cocktail-blue sky turned into a gloomy gray.
    You sulkily gaze outside, listening to the soft murmurs of the rain through the window, a pout finding its way to your lips. You let out a sigh of exasperation.
    "I despise parties."
    You hear a chuckle behind you, soft footsteps nearing.
    "Do it for me, darling," a low voice whispers, causing your mouth to form a deep frown. You tear your gaze away from the windowpane, your eyes now affixed to the blond shuffling about the room.
     He wears black trousers and a tailcoat with gleaming silver buttons, the inside lined with a midnig
Timidis [Actor!AU] | Bertholdt x Reader
He doesn’t talk much. You had assumed that he was simply devoted to his character, often remaining quiet and keeping to himself. It was a common method you had heard of, but none of the actors you worked with practiced it.
You honestly had no clue that he was that shy-- until you talked to him.
He was flustered the instant you spoke to him-- his expression lit up with surprise before various shades of red adorned his cheeks. He stuttered whenever he responded-- at least, when you could hear him properly.
It made you smile.
Of course, that was months ago. Despite the long time that had passed, he had hardly come out of his shell. He talked more, but his discomfort was still obvious. You talked to him as often as you could, but it only seemed to backfire. Regardless of your long conversations you’ve had within the past months, it just felt as if he was more uncomfortable around you. And only you.
You thought nothing of it at first, but the nagging feeling increasingly grew.
Don't Forget- (Levi x Reader) [AU]
   *A/N: Highly recommend listening to the song again!
( X )
     It takes all your will not to let the tears seep from their refuge in your eyes.
With a large, prolonged sigh you hoist yourself to a sitting position in your less than tidy sleeping area.  How long have you been sleeping? You squint out the small pocket of space between the curtains and the window you find the evening sun resting comfortably past the horizon. As a habit you sink your incisors into your bottom lip; you’ve slept about 15 hours… and it’s now 6:50 pm.
You’re complete shit. Come on, get up. Get up.
Somehow your personal trainer of a conscious was more destructive than constructive.
The tanned, sickly decorated walls of your apartment (or at least that’s what it came to look like after a while) are suffocating, sometimes even seemingly converging on your body. C
Apples (Levi x Reader) [Fairytale!AU]
    Warnings for rough language.
    Once upon a time, in a land far away, sat a peaceful kingdom. The Kingdom of Rose was ruled by a queen and a king. The queen desperately wanted a son, an heir, who would take the throne and rule over the kingdom.
    In the middle of winter, when the snowflakes fell like feathers from the sky, the queen sat at a window sewing, the frame of the window made from black ebony; as she was sewing and looking out the window at the snow, she pricked her finger. Three little red droplets fell upon the white snow. And how pretty the crimson is with the white, and she thought to herself,
    'Would that I had a son with lips as red as blood, hair as ebony as the wood of the window-frame, and skin pale as the white snow.'
    Soon after that, the queen had a beautiful son, who had lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony, and white as snow. The child was then named Levi, and when t
Notorious (Eren x Reader) [Serial Killers!AU]
    The rain falls down in rivulets, heavy and cold; it washes away the crimson that seeps onto the street, that mingles with the freezing water, leaving no trace of the nauseating scent of blood. The barest hint of a smile played on your lips as you stared down at the corpse, its pupils blown wide, mouth hanging open in a silent scream. Multiple stab marks are littered on the body, a long vertical cut down its torso, still oozing fresh red. Twirling the knife around your gloved fingers, your gaze hardened, mouth twisting into a snarl.
    Filthy. Yet another person who had slipped through justice's fingers. A man acquitted on the death of his wife; no one had noticed the bruises marking her arms and the back of her neck.
    Good riddance.
    Ice cold droplets kiss your skin, sliding down the side of your face. You turn your head up towards the sky. It's cloudless, the moon casting its ominous glow through the dark clouds. You looked down at th
A Posse ad Esse ~ {Armin x Reader}
this is for my lovely: :iconfancypants1499:! i actually wanted to do a levi x reader for you, but i already did too many levi's (i'm also doing two other levi x readers soon) so i did armin! i hope you like this ; u; god, armin's so cute. //squeezes little shota boy
Gentle taps of rain fell against the ground and window screens while thunder rumbled in the background. The night sky was covered with thick, gray clouds, shielding the brilliance of the moon from sight. Cool blue hues glare outside from the glass window, his fingernails lightly scraping against the worn out sheets of his book. Stormy days relaxed the blonde boy if he wasn't out on an expedition while it was occurring. He treasures the subdued sound of thunder and the vivid clashes of lightning hidden behind the mass of inky clouds. Not only that, but the rain - oh, how he savors both the sight and sound of the wet weather! A candle was lit faintly on the nightstand next to him at his bunk. The bedsheets


Sugawara Koushi

|Requests {CLOSED} | Collabs {CLOSED}|

(When I have time, I do open requests/collabs, but before you go asking me to write something, please read the rules and be courteous of them. Thanks!)

:bulletblue: When requesting a story/collab (either in note or comments), please specify a character, the genre, and if you have one, tell me the headcanon for me to write. I may sometimes deny the headcanon. There are some things I cannot write, I am only human you know.

:bulletwhite: Please do not request a collab/request if it says '{CLOSED}' right next to it. If you do so, I will ignore you or turn you down.

:bulletblue: Do not ask for the date of when it will be finished. I will get it done when I get it done. Due dates only stress me out ;v;

:bulletwhite: As of now I only write for:
Shingeki No Kyojin stamp by KyoichiiOne Piece Stamp 2 by ChrissyMStamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemistOuran Stamp by Vexic929Haikyuu!! - Stamp by Kheila-SFree - Iwatobi Swim Club stamp by Tea-Strawberryfullmetal alchemist stamp by tigernightmare

:bulletblue: I may deny/cancel your request and/or collab if I feel like I cannot write it or if I am not up to it, so please do not get upset with me.

:bulletwhite: Yes I do write Chara x Chara! That is, if I'm comfortable with the pairing. <3

Happy Halloween! 

15 deviants said Happy Halloween to you too Taylor!
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4 deviants said I hope you all have a lovely day (or if you had it yesterday whoops time zones I hope you had a nice day yesterday then!)

To do list;


:bulletblue:-Haven't started| :bulletgreen: Currently writing| :bulletred:- Haitus|


:bulletblue: Levi x Titan Shifter!Reader- For ParfaitChu
:bulletgreen: Portgas D. Ace x Reader- For a user on Quotev aND StupidLegos


:bulletblue: Marco x Reader- For Flossy-Floss
:bulletgreen: Protector!Levi x Princess!Reader- With ParfaitChu
:bulletblue: CLOP | [Modern!AU] Jean x Reader- With Spandix
:bulletblue: Sick Days | [Modern!AU] Levi x Reader- With agirl919


:bulletblue: Body Swap? | [Modern!AU] Levi x Reader x Eren (Part four)
:bulletgreen: All a dream | Tobio Kageyama x Reader (Part one)



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